Decorators tapes unmasked

We all know that brush control is the best way of getting straight and clean lines but there’s no doubt that masking tape has its uses. From helping to cover hard surfaces and protect them from paint to protecting trim and other surfaces, a good masking tape is a decorating essential. But with so many […]

What separates professionals from DIY enthusiasts?

Ever wondered what separates the professionals from the amateurs when it comes to decorating? Well using the right tools, choosing the right paint, having the right clothing and proper preparation are just some of the things that make a difference between amateurs and professionals. If you’ve ever watched a professional decorator at work you’ll have […]

6 Steps To Make A Dark Room Lighter

There are a lot of homes in the UK that suffer from having unloved and even potentially unused rooms all because they are too dark. This is often the case in inner city terraces where back bedrooms and dining rooms can feel closed in and unwelcoming. Thankfully there are a few simple things that you […]