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  1. April 11, 2014

    How much should I spend on a Paint Brush?

    How much should I spend on a Paint Brush?

    With most products, you get what you pay for; this is certainly the case with a paint brush.

    For example quality Purdy paint brushes have longer lasting bristle and can hold more paint within their bristle or filaments - this reduces the user time spent reloading the brush.

    The handle should be comfortable to hold and work with for long periods of time.

    Hamilton paint brushes are more robust, allowing for longevity – promoted on Trade 1st website. A well maintained paint brush can last a professional, with daily use, up to 3 years!

     Is Synthetic Filament or Natural Bristle better?

    Natural bristle paint brushes are made with animal hair. Pig/Hog hair is regarded as best within the industry.  Professionals, who prefer natural bristle paint brushes, like

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  2. April 08, 2014

    Paint Rollers selection - what is trade1st advice?

    What is Trade1st advice when selecting Paint Rollers?

    Quality paint roller sleeves have higher quality fabrics and can hold more paint; this increases the time spent rolling the paint and reduces the user time spent reloading the roller. However decorating with a roller uses about 10% more paint.

    Paint rollers are available with different size widths, the correct width will depend upon the size and the strength of the user. Sizes are 4 Inches for narrow or detailed painting to 15 Inches for large surfaces and 24 Inches for large floor areas.The most common width is 9 inch as this is a good average size.

    The roller sleeve, both 7 and 9 Inch come with a hollow core which attaches to a cage frame. For 4, 12, 15 and 24 Inch a common pin mechanism operates.

    Both 7 and 9 inch roller sleeves come in two core size diameters.  These are 1.5 Inch which is normally associated with DIY retailers

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