When choosing a paintbrush there are a number of things to consider, first of which is what you are looking to paint. The surface that you are looking to paint will play an important part in what brush is right for the job. There are a huge range of brushes available to choose from and this guide will help you pick the right paintbrush for the job.

Our first tip is that a good quality paintbrush will not only last longer, but will deliver a better finish than a cheap brush. If you are looking to get professional results then you need the right tool for the job and a cheap synthetic brush simply won’t be up to the job.

When painting with oil-based paints you should always use natural bristle brushes as they absorb a lot of paint and offer a smooth and soft uniform finish. Bristle brushes are also best for use with oil based stains and varnishes.

For latex paints, acrylic paints and water based stains a synthetic brush will give the best results. These brushes

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