To get the job done, tradesmen need the right tools. Whether stripping wallpaper, or washing down industrial surfaces, you’d be surprised the difference that the right product will make – which is why everyone should understand the exact product for their needs.

To discover those products that you need to know for all manner of cleaning and removal, continue reading below:

Paint and Varnish Removers that Pack a Punch

Whether removing a poorly painted wall design or cleaning the surface prior to slapping down a few coats, the right paint stripper can be a Godsend – providing that you choose the right one for your environment.

Are you stuck, unsure of which is the most effective varnish remover? Fear not, Homestrip’s Paint and Varnish Remover will come to your rescue. The effective, water-based, vapour-free varnish remover can remove as much as five coats from a single

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