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  1. March 21, 2017

    Dulux Announces Its Colour of 2017

    Denim Drift has become the Dulux colour of the year for 2017 with “Blue is the colour of life, of everyday life. It is familiar yet it is new.” From the deepest inky blues to the palest misty blues, this colour spans every aspect of life. Denim blue is set to dominate interior and fashion trends for the year ahead and Denim Drift reflects this simplicity.

    Matching colours include five muted and atmospheric tones as well as five brighter hues that are more vibrant. There are also four sub-trends to support the new colour palette which are: New Romanticism, Shared Individualism, The Working Home and Considered Luxury. These colours all take their cues from the colour of the year.

    New Romanticism

    Featuring natural and lush greens, pale blues and smoky violets the theme for New Romanticism is to connect you to the planet around you. From revamping and restoring furniture to Boho and eclectic fashion, the look immerses you in the natural world and promotes

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  2. March 01, 2017

    How to wallpaper like a pro and the tools to use

    Wallpapering is one of those jobs that can be made a lot, lot easier with good preparation and of course by having the right tools for the job. In this guide we’ll go through not only the way to get a perfect finish every time, but also the tools you’ll need for this.

    Step 1

    Before you even consider a wallpapering job the first step to undertake is the preparation of the surface. This may mean stripping the existing wallpaper or could just be a case of washing down the existing paintwork to make sure it is clean and will form a good base for your wallpaper. Don’t forget to fill any holes and if the surface is rough then it is well worth using lining paper to create a smooth surface.

    Step 2

    Next up is measuring the wall that you’d like to wallpaper to work out how much material you’ll need. If you are using patterned paper you’ll need to know the pattern repeat as this will mean that you need more paper and

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