If you’re looking to restore woodwork and remove unwanted paint before decorating then you’ll need to know the best way to strip paint. Whether you are just refreshing your woodwork and looking to take it back to a natural finish or are wanting to tidy up exterior woodwork on the outside of your property, to achieve a professional finish you’re going to need to strip off the existing paint.

Thankfully there are many tools and chemicals available to make your job easier and in this guide we’ll run through how to get the best possible results.

Paint and varnish remover

For most interior painted woodwork the use of a paint and varnish remover will generally be sufficient to remove most of the paint or varnish. As well as chemical removers we also have a range of water based products that have the benefit of being vapour free as well as being able to be easily washed off with water. Paint and varnish removers can be used with scrapers to

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