Bib and Brace Overalls vs Trousers – Which Are Best?

This is one of those questions that spark’s debate among professional painter and decorators without fail. Some argue that trousers are the best option and can be paired with a comfy work shirt, while others are adamant that bib & brace overalls are simply the best. In this article, we’ll talk you through the pros and cons of each as well as run through some of the other clothing options for decorators.

Bib and brace overalls

The classic when it comes to painter and decorators workwear. Bib and brace overalls are extremely comfortable, available in a wide range of sizes and have plenty of utility pockets for keeping everything you need to hand. As well as a front pouch most bib and brace overalls have reinforced knees and pockets for knee pads. Easy to slip on over existing clothing, bib and brace overalls are a perennial favourite with the trade.

Painters trousers

A modern take on the classic, painters trousers are generally more fitted than bib and brace overalls and tend to look great when combined with a branded work shirt. Perhaps not quite as versatile as the bib and brace overalls, nevertheless they still have reinforced knees and pockets for knee pads as well as a selection of pockets for tools and accessories.

Boiler-suits and coveralls

For jobs where you need the maximum coverage to protect against paint spray and drips, our range of boiler-suits and coveralls are a perfect choice. Not only do they help keep your clothing clean and dry, but they also have handy pockets to help keep you organised.

Painters shorts

For hot summer weather where you’ll be working outside a good pair of painters shorts is a necessity. With layered pockets for tools and an elasticated waist help to make these shorts practical and comfortable.

Painters jackets

From painting and decorating to plastering a painters jacket offers the protection, you need for particularly messy jobs. Whether using with bib and braces or with trousers, a painter’s jacket offers maximum protection from accidental spills.

So which is best bib and braces or trousers?

While both bib and braces and trousers have their own merits both are equally capable of helping you get the job done. Which one should you choose? Well, it really depends on personal preference. Bib and brace trousers may be the traditional choice, but painters trousers offer a versatile alternative that many painters love. Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to take a look at our fantastic range of decorators workwear.