Decorating Tips

  1. August 01, 2018

    Simple home décor tips for a fast house sale

    If you’re looking to sell your home it’s important to focus on the strengths of your property while making the flaws less obvious. And while you can’t improve the location of your property, these simple home décor tips can help to make your house more desirable to potential purchasers. So if you want to find out how to freshen up your home and make it more sellable without breaking the bank, just keep reading.

    Make the right first impression

    We’re sure you’ve heard it before but first impressions really do matter. Kerb appeal is a real thing and can set the tone of expectation for the rest of your property. If the outside looks dated and unkempt then it doesn’t matter how fantastic the interior as people will already be put off. Some easy ways to transform the outside of your home include: giving your front door a fresh lick of paint, ensuring your windows and frames are clean and in good condition, trimming all bushes, grass,

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  2. June 19, 2018

    Essential tools that every decorator should own

    Having the right tools for the job is one of the things that often separate the professionals from amateurs. A professional painter and decorator will not only have all the right equipment but will also know how and when to use it. Most people assume that the only tools needed are a couple of brushes and rollers but the reality is that there are many more tools needed. Let’s take a look at some of the essential tools that every decorator should own.

    Power tools

    It’s hard to imagine life without power tools, and for the professional decorator, there are a number of power tools that are a necessity for getting the job done.

    Heat gun – A good quality, professional heat gun can be used for removing old paint and varnish, softening adhesives, moulding plastics and drying filler.

    Multi-function drill – Whether undoing screws or installing new fittings, a multi-function drill is an absolute must for any painter decorator.

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  3. May 15, 2018

    How to decorate damp or mould stained walls

    Let’s get one thing out of the way, the first step before you even think of decorating a mould or damp stained wall is to diagnose and treat the problem. Mould and damp can affect your health so the problem needs to be treated as quickly as possible. Otherwise, no matter how good a job you do painting, the mould or damp will keep coming back and cause you problems.

    Once you’ve identified and fixed the mould or damp problem it is time to get to work on preparing the surface ready for decorating.

    Surface cleaners

    There are a range of surface cleaners that are suitable for preparing a mould or damp stained surface prior to painting and these include anti-mould solutions, fungicidal washes and mould and mildew cleaners. Cleaning the surface will help to reduce any existing mould or damp staining and leave the surface clean

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  4. April 13, 2018

    Painting exterior woodwork and masonry

    Now that spring is finally here it’s time to start planning all those exterior painting jobs that you’ve been putting off since last year. Whether you have a garden, a yard or a yarden, you can spruce up your exterior space by taking the time to clean, decorate and add a splash of colour. From fencing and sheds to brickwork and decking, there are plenty of features that will be rejuvenated with a lick of paint. In this article, we’ll look at some of the jobs that you should be doing this spring.

    Clean it first

    Like any interior decorating job the first step in any exterior painting job is to clean the area that you are looking to paint. From decking and fences to sheds and brickwork, a good clean is essential to making sure the end result is one that you’ll be proud of. A pressure washer is a good option for cleaning woodwork such as decking and can help remove algae, moss and dirt from all types of surfaces.

    Don’t be afraid

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  5. March 08, 2018

    Dress to impress – why looks matter for decorators

    As a trade professional you need to look the part with clothing that is tailored to your needs. It’s no good turning up to do a job in a pair of old jeans and old sweatshirt as your clients are unlikely to be impressed. What you need then is a set of workwear that not only helps you look professional, but one that will make your job easier. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best options for decorators and some of the essentials you’ll need.

    Bib and brace overalls

    The recognised standard and the attire by which all others are measured are the humble bib and brace overalls. Loose fitting but not so loose that they get in the way, bib and brace overalls let you move around freely and have a number of pockets for keeping tools handy. And because they can be worn over other clothing they are the perfect choice for working in all conditions.

    Coveralls and boiler-suits

    Where extra protection is needed and for particularly

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  6. February 09, 2018

    How to upcycle furniture like a professional

    One of the most popular ways to breathe new life into old furniture is by upcycling it to create a piece that fits in with your home. With the growing trend for painted furniture, you can achieve the same look for a fraction of the cost by buying used furniture and then painting it yourself. Whether you are looking to create a distressed vintage look or a contemporary and modern piece, we’ll show you some tips to help you upcycle like a pro.


    No matter what your project is the first step is to sand your piece of furniture, even if you are going for a vintage or shabby chic look it is still a good idea to sand your furniture. You are not looking to remove the existing finish but just rough it up so that your chosen primer will have a good surface to stick to. Once you’ve lightly sanded your piece you’ll need to remove any dust using a lint-free cloth.


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  7. January 18, 2018

    Interior design trends that will be big in 2018

    For many people redecorating their home is one of the biggest goals of the year. All that time spent over Christmas at home makes it hard to ignore those jobs that have been put off all year. So with that in mind let’s take a look at some of the design trends that are going to be big in the year ahead.

    Colour block patterns

    Linear, block patterns look to be on trend for the season ahead and decorators are likely to get a lot of requests for strong and bold colour block patterns. Get the look by using stencils to create strong bold lines just don’t forget to use a low tack, clean edge masking tape to create nice sharp lines, particularly if using metallic toned paint.

    Industrial finishing

    Exposed brickwork, polished concrete and distressed furniture are all going to be strong interior design trends this year. This industrial chic style is all about creating a hardwearing look which is minimal in appearance. Kitchens and bathrooms both

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  8. December 12, 2017

    Decorators tapes unmasked

    We all know that brush control is the best way of getting straight and clean lines but there’s no doubt that masking tape has its uses. From helping to cover hard surfaces and protect them from paint to protecting trim and other surfaces, a good masking tape is a decorating essential. But with so many tapes on the market how do you know which are the best for your needs? In this guide we’ll help you avoid a sticky situation and unmask the best tapes for the job.

    General purpose masking tape

    First up is your standard general purpose masking tape. This is often the cheapest tape available and can be found in all hardware and painting stores. If you’re looking to protect hard surfaces, would like to cover carpet or other items then this should do the trick. This is not the tape to choose for use on delicate surfaces such as wallpapers, freshly painted surfaces or varnished woodwork. Paint will

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  9. November 22, 2017

    Dulux announces 2018 colour of the year

    It’s that time of year again, when Dulux announces its colour for the year ahead following research by the colour specialists at Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre. This year represents the 15th year of Colour Futures which puts together a panel of experts to look at global trends and help pick a colour for the future. 2018’s colour is Heart Wood which is a warm pink and versatile colour that helps to create a range of moods.

    The colour is based on the theme “A Welcome Home” which is all able creating a safe sanctuary at home where you can shut out the outside world, relax and feel welcome. Inspired by warmth of natural wood, Heart Wood is a warm and neutral colour with a heather hint. The colour sits somewhere between smoky taupe and dusky mauve and Dulux have matched three different colour palettes with it.

    The Comforting Home collection is all about creating a cosy and private space that is welcoming and safe. Colours such as clay and blush

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  10. October 18, 2017

    Choosing the right colours for your home

    Painting your home is one of the easiest ways that you can inject your personality into your home to create a space that you’ll love. But one of the hardest parts is picking the right colours that will not only match your style but help create the right mood. From feeling warm and cosy to adding a sense of space and light, the colours that we choose can have a big impact on how we feel when we walk into a room. In this blog we’ll take a look at how to choose the right colours for your home and create a colour scheme that works.

    Mood board

    One of the best places to start is with a mood board which will really help you to find out what you like and get an idea of which colours, styles and interiors appeal to you. One of the best tools for this is Pinterest as there are a huge range of projects that show how other people have used colours in their rooms.

    Base colours

    Thinking about the colours of existing furniture, flooring and features

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