Decorators tapes unmasked

We all know that brush control is the best way of getting straight and clean lines but there’s no doubt that masking tape has its uses. From helping to cover hard surfaces and protect them from paint to protecting trim and other surfaces, a good masking tape is a decorating essential. But with so many tapes on the market how do you know which are the best for your needs? In this guide we’ll help you avoid a sticky situation and unmask the best tapes for the job.

General purpose masking tape

First up is your standard general purpose masking tape. This is often the cheapest tape available and can be found in all hardware and painting stores. If you’re looking to protect hard surfaces, would like to cover carpet or other items then this should do the trick. This is not the tape to choose for use on delicate surfaces such as wallpapers, freshly painted surfaces or varnished woodwork. Paint will also bleed under the edge of most general purpose tape so we wouldn’t recommend it for creating precise edges.

Low tack masking tape

For protecting freshly painted surfaces our low tack masking tape is the perfect choice. This tape has low adhesive strength meaning that it won’t cause damage to the surface that it’s applied to when it is removed. Some low tack tapes are also suitable for prolonged use with clean removal up to 60 days from application.

Clean edge masking tape

Where you are looking to achieve a perfectly clean and crisp painted line the use of clean edge masking tape will make your job easier. There are a range of clean edge masking tapes available on the market with 3M and Tesa leading the way in terms of performance. Designed for trade professional these tapes offer great results every time.

Exterior masking tape

Exterior masking tapes need to be able to withstand the elements and that means they need to be waterproof and UV resistant. Some exterior masking tapes are specially made for rough applications such as brickwork and concrete and have a strong adhesive to help them stay in place. Others are more geared to precise applications such as window frames and will help you get a clean and precise finish.

Specialist masking tapes

Most of the applications above are pretty standard but there are more specialist tapes that will come in handy and help you complete your job. Some of these include plastering tape for helping protect surfaces during plastering, masking tapes for curved surfaces and extra strong masonry tape. All of these tapes are incredibly useful and are purpose build for a particular job.