Dulux announces 2018 colour of the year

It’s that time of year again, when Dulux announces its colour for the year ahead following research by the colour specialists at Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre. This year represents the 15th year of Colour Futures which puts together a panel of experts to look at global trends and help pick a colour for the future. 2018’s colour is Heart Wood which is a warm pink and versatile colour that helps to create a range of moods.

The colour is based on the theme “A Welcome Home” which is all able creating a safe sanctuary at home where you can shut out the outside world, relax and feel welcome. Inspired by warmth of natural wood, Heart Wood is a warm and neutral colour with a heather hint. The colour sits somewhere between smoky taupe and dusky mauve and Dulux have matched three different colour palettes with it.

The Comforting Home collection is all about creating a cosy and private space that is welcoming and safe. Colours such as clay and blush pink are used to create a sense of privacy while adding importance to meaningful objects in the home.

For those who like entertaining and welcoming others the Inviting Home collections is full of shades of blue that helps to create a space perfect for entertaining and connecting with others.

Finally the Playful Home palette is all about bold colours and shades such as dark green and mustard yellow and is designed for those who love an adventure. They treat their home as a place to quickly recharge before heading out on their next adventure.

The neutral tones of these colours ranges make them incredibly versatile and easy to live with on a day-to-day basis. Heart Wood is all about creating a welcoming mood that will make anyone happy to be at home. We’re living in an unpredictable time where we don’t know what news is true and we’re given more choices than ever before.  Our home needs to be a place which is a sanctuary, cutting out the outside noise and letting us reflect on our values and what’s important to us.

This is the goal of the Dulux 2018 colour of the year, to help create “A Welcome Home”.