Dulux Announces Its Colour of 2017

Denim Drift has become the Dulux colour of the year for 2017 with “Blue is the colour of life, of everyday life. It is familiar yet it is new.” From the deepest inky blues to the palest misty blues, this colour spans every aspect of life. Denim blue is set to dominate interior and fashion trends for the year ahead and Denim Drift reflects this simplicity.

Matching colours include five muted and atmospheric tones as well as five brighter hues that are more vibrant. There are also four sub-trends to support the new colour palette which are: New Romanticism, Shared Individualism, The Working Home and Considered Luxury. These colours all take their cues from the colour of the year.

New Romanticism

Featuring natural and lush greens, pale blues and smoky violets the theme for New Romanticism is to connect you to the planet around you. From revamping and restoring furniture to Boho and eclectic fashion, the look immerses you in the natural world and promotes a healthy mind and soul.

Shared Individualism

This fresh and playful colour palette brings yellows, reds and blues together in block colours that is perfect to create a feeling of belonging together. Combine strong colours in blocks and patterns to enhance the look and bring a truly together feeling to any space.

The Working Home

The once clearly defined line between home and work has become blurred as more people look to create a better work / life balance. The home needs to function as an office the same way that offices are becoming more like homes. This trend brings the idea of zones to the home helping to create spaces that are truly multifunctional.

Considered Luxury

Bring sophistication to your home with these modest but luxurious colours that focus on stylish neutral colours. Create memories that are priceless and declutter only adding items that add to the memories, such as a chair you had specially made. Fabrics and tactile materials will really help to enhance the effect.

From the clothes we wear to the sky above us blue is part of everyday life and Dulux’s choice for 2017 represents that connection. Denim Drift was chosen as it can be used in any room in your house from the kitchen to the bedroom.