Essential painting tools that every decorator needs

Every painter and decorator is different and the tools they swear by are as much about personal preference as they are about experience. From the brands of brushes they use to the type of paint they buy, every trade professional will have their own thoughts on what works best. This being said there are some common and essential painting tools that most painters and decorators couldn’t live without. In this article we’ll take a look at the essential tools and supplies that every painter and decorator should have.

Angled cutting in brush

Sash brushes or angled cutting in brushes are one of the things that help’s to separate the amateurs from the professionals. For walls and ceilings 2 and 3 inch angled brushes are the most common choices with brands like Purdy providing some of the best brushes on the market. For more intricate work and painting trip a 1 inch brush, sash or fitch brush will help make the job easier.

Paint comb

For helping to prolong the life of a brush and make sure that it is cleaned properly, a paint comb is hard to beat. Not only can it be used on all types of brush, but it can also be used to remove all types of paint from the bristles of your brush. And with prices well under £10 this essential tool certainly won’t break the bank.

Cotton dust sheet

For covering large areas of flooring, furniture and other household items a cotton dust sheet can’t be beaten. They provide a lightweight barrier that will help protect against dirt, dust and paint and help to make the clean-up process nice and quick. Cotton dust sheets are also a lot safer for walking on than plastic sheets as they are less slippery on hard surfaces.

Good quality masking tape

While most professionals will cut in wherever possible there are certain jobs that require masking tape to be used. Again while a DIYer may be content with grabbing whatever they can find in their local DIY superstore, trade professionals understand the importance of selecting the right masking tape for the job. From low tack masking tape that can be applied to newly painted walls to clean edge masking tapes for perfect edges every time. There are a range of tapes on the market that can help you achieve great results every time.

Self-adhesive film

Whether looking to protect carpets, protecting hard surfaces such as windows and kitchen counters or helping to cover up floors, self-adhesive film is a reliable and affordable solution. Not only is it quick to lay down but as it clings to the surface it provides a durable barrier against dust, paint and dirt. Once the job has been completed it is easy to remove and can simply be thrown away along with other waste items.