Essential tools that every decorator should own

Having the right tools for the job is one of the things that often separate the professionals from amateurs. A professional painter and decorator will not only have all the right equipment but will also know how and when to use it. Most people assume that the only tools needed are a couple of brushes and rollers but the reality is that there are many more tools needed. Let’s take a look at some of the essential tools that every decorator should own.

Power tools

It’s hard to imagine life without power tools, and for the professional decorator, there are a number of power tools that are a necessity for getting the job done.

Heat gun – A good quality, professional heat gun can be used for removing old paint and varnish, softening adhesives, moulding plastics and drying filler.

Multi-function drill – Whether undoing screws or installing new fittings, a multi-function drill is an absolute must for any painter decorator.

Wallpaper steamer – Woodchip, lining and wallpaper can all be removed with the help of a portable wallpaper steamer.

Hand sander – From keying surfaces prior to painting to smoothing down filler and getting rid of lumps a powerful hand sander is a great time-saving tool for the professional and amateur alike.

Preparation tools

We all know how important preparation is to getting the perfect paint job so here are some of the tools that every professional should have in their toolbox.

Wire brush – Simple yet effective, a wire brush is great for cleaning surfaces as well as removing loose materials.

Stripping knife and paint scraper – The ideal choice for tackling stubborn paint and varnish, stripping knives are very effective when combined with a steamer or heat gun.

Filling knife – A flexible filling knife can be used for spreading putty and all types of filler to get rid of holes, cracks and gaps.

Wallpaper perforator – Strip wallpaper quickly and easily with help of a wallpaper perforator that lets the steam get below the surface of the wallpaper.

Decorating tools

As well as different paintbrushes and paint rollers there are a number of other decorating tools that help professionals get great results every time.

Wallpaper brush and smoother – Two essential tools for wallpapering are a pasting brush and smoother for helping to get rid of bubbles.

Paint scuttle – Any large painting job requires large quantities of paint and a paint scuttle is the ideal tool for the job. It also makes loading a roller a much quicker process.

Paint kettle – For cutting in and detail work a paint kettle allows you to keep the paint to hand without having to carry the tin around with you.

Extension poles – Whether tackling high ceilings, tall walls or exterior painting jobs, a good quality extension pole will help to make the job easier.