Interior design trends that will be big in 2018

For many people redecorating their home is one of the biggest goals of the year. All that time spent over Christmas at home makes it hard to ignore those jobs that have been put off all year. So with that in mind let’s take a look at some of the design trends that are going to be big in the year ahead.

Colour block patterns

Linear, block patterns look to be on trend for the season ahead and decorators are likely to get a lot of requests for strong and bold colour block patterns. Get the look by using stencils to create strong bold lines just don’t forget to use a low tack, clean edge masking tape to create nice sharp lines, particularly if using metallic toned paint.

Industrial finishing

Exposed brickwork, polished concrete and distressed furniture are all going to be strong interior design trends this year. This industrial chic style is all about creating a hardwearing look which is minimal in appearance. Kitchens and bathrooms both look great with exposed brickwork and metal fixtures which create a very chic and modern style.

Sophisticated dark colours

Rich and dark colour shades such as velvet blue, charcoal grey and jade green all look like they’ll grow in popularity this year. These rich colour trends create a moody, sophisticated and luxurious feel that will add a touch of elegance to any room. Expect these to be accompanied by gold accents and hardwood furniture to maximise the look.

Modern Scandinavian

Clutter free spaces, beautiful craftsmanship and furniture that has a purpose are all part of the Scandi design trend. Furniture is chosen because of its style and practicality, plants are used to bring the outdoors in and rugs help to soften painted wood floors. Neutral colours play a big role throughout to create a calm and peaceful environment that is free of clutter.

Patterned plants

We all love a good house plant but in 2018 we’re going to see an increase in plants being chosen for their patterned appearance. Not only do plants help you sleep and improve oxygen levels in your home but they look great in a range of rooms and are a simple way to add new style to your room.

Terrazzo flooring

Yes we know they were big in the 1970’s but it seems that Terrazzo is one again the floor covering of choice – particularly for designer kitchens. Update your flooring with a range of fabulous Terrazzo flooring tiles and don’t be afraid to be bold and venture into other areas of your home.

So there we have it, a quick round up of some of the predictions for the top interior design trends for 2018.