Whether you’re a trade professional or simply a keen DIY enthusiast, there are some tools that will prove invaluable and ae well worth investment. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best DIY tools that will help you save time and energy and make your life easier.

Laser level

For anyone that regularly works on their own, a laser level is an invaluable tool for all types of jobs from painting and decorating to common DIY tasks. Hanging wallpaper straight is a breeze with the help of a laser level which allows you to spend more time doing the job and less time measuring and setting out.

Laser levels can be used for measuring up and setting out
everything from tiles and kitchens to curtains and mirrors. From a simple spot
laser to a line and rotating laser there are plenty of models to choose from
depending on your usage. The cross or line laser is often the best choice for
most DIY and painting and decorating jobs.

Hand-held sander

Get a great finish every time with the help of a hand-held sander and speed up the monotonous task of sanding. Not only will you get a neater finish with a hand-held sander but it will shave off hours of time compared to manual sanding, time that you could spend on painting or other jobs. From orbital sanders to precision sanders there are plenty of power tools on the market that will help you get a perfectly smooth surface ready for painting, varnishing or applying other finishes.


From cutting out notches in frames to cutting pipework and much more a multi-tool is a very versatile power tool that can help with all your cutting needs. With a huge range of blades and attachments, it can be used for everything from clearing out grout from old tiles to detail sanding and even cutting through metals. The blade oscillates back and forwards at high speed to cut through virtually any surface.

Cordless drill

This is one of those tools that you’ll probably use on a daily basis. Whether simply removing fixings and fastenings or putting up shelving, hanging pictures and everything in between, a cordless drill is a must-have for any toolbox. A multi-function drill with hammer action will offer great performance and is ideal for all types of applications.

Wallpaper steamer

Have you ever tried removing wallpaper without the aid of a steamer? Trust us it is much easier and faster with the help of a powerful professional steamer. This Wagner SteamForce steamer is designed for professional usage and will help make even chipboard wallpaper removal a doddle.

Heat gun

Another absolute necessity for painters and decorators is a
professional heat gun. Whether stripping doors and windows of old paint or
softening adhesives and plastic mouldings, a heat gun is one tool that won’t
break the bank but will help you get things done quicker.