We all know that one of the secrets to getting a perfect
finish when decorating is surface preparation but what can you do if your walls
have a damp problem, are rough or have a lot of surface cracks. In an ideal
world you would refinish the wall prior to decoration but sometimes this is
just not practical. As well as helping to improve the surface specialist wall
coverings can also help make your rooms warmer and help dampen sounds. In this
blog, we’ll take a look at some of these specialist wall coverings and their

Sound insulation

For anyone looking to add some basic soundproofing to their rooms the Climapor Sound Insulation Foam is the perfect starting point. Easy to install, this sound insulation foam offers an affordable solution that provides basic soundproofing. With a thickness of 6mm it offers a lightweight solution that delivers the equivalent soundproofing of 100mm of concrete. It also provides the perfect base for the application of wallpaper or tapestry, ensuring it is easy to decorate.

Damp proof foil

If you need to stop recurring damp problems caused by
penetrating damp then our damp proof foil provides an effective solution. And
while this damp proof foil can be applied directly to the wall and painted over
for best results it should be over-lined with a suitable lining paper prior to

Lining paper

Lining paper is one of the best and easiest ways to improve the surface quality of a wall and is a great way of hiding a plethora of small problems. From lightweight grades up to super heavyweight, we have a great range of professional lining papers available to buy online. Lining paper provides the perfect base for wallpapering as well as painting and can help turn your room into a blank canvas ready for decoration.

Thermal lining paper

Improve your home’s energy efficiency and help to keep your home warm during the winter and cool in the summer with the help of thermal insulating lining paper.  Insulating lining paper can not only help your rooms feel warmer but also help to combat condensation and mould growth by keeping your rooms insulated.

Wallrock paper

When it comes to reinforcing your wall and fixing a range of imperfections, Wallrock fibreliner is the paper of choice. With a BS1 fire rating, Wallrock lining paper lets your walls breathe while adding a class leading strength and preparing your walls for decoration.