Storage tips to simplify your next decoration project

When planning a decoration or renovation project in the home one aspect that is often overlooked is how to clear a room ready for decoration. Whether decorating a single room, an entire floor or during major renovations, it is necessary to create a clear space that is free of furniture and belongings. All too often home owners are tempted to pile furniture into the middle of a room when decorating but this approach does not give the space needed to properly decorate a room.

Properly clearing a room is essential to getting the best results possible for your next decoration job. Whether you are attempting the work yourself or calling in a professional, having a room free of clutter is the first stop in helping you to achieve great results. In order to clear the space properly you’ll need to remove all items from the room that is being decorated and there are a couple of ways to do this.

Using another room in your home

If you are only decorating one room then one of the simplest options is to use another room in your house. Take tips from the world of house removals and pack all your belongings in sturdy boxes that are clearly labelled. Place all breakable items in storage boxes and use bubble wrap to stop them from getting damaged.

All items should be removed from wardrobes and cupboards to make them easier to move. Removing the legs from dining tables and desks will make them easier to handle and also mean they can be placed up against a wall out of the way to save space. Where the work that you are doing will create a lot of dust it is best if you can seal rooms using heavy duty tape around the edge of the door to keep dust out.

Having a dedicated room for storage is the best option but where you don’t have the space or this is not practical you may want to consider alternative storage options.

Self-storage units

For big and messy decoration jobs that may take a while to complete one of the best options is to take out a short term self-storage unit. Most companies allow you to rent out a self-storage unit for a minimum period of a week. Units are available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements and most will let you access them 24 hours a day.

If using a storage unit make sure you pack all your items in secure boxes and label them clearly so you know what’s inside and if applicable the room that it goes in. Having your items in storage will clear up the space in your home and ensure that all your possessions are kept safe and out of the way while you carry out your decoration or renovation work.

By planning your storage ahead of time you can help ensure your decoration project hits the ground running and the professionals have the room they need to get the job done quickly.