Top decorating colour trends for 2019

Looking for some inspiration for your home decorating projects for the year ahead? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some stunning colour options and trends for the year ahead. From bright vibrant colours to subtle tones, these colour palettes will help you transform your home and give your home décor a new lease of life.

Warm grey tones

Grey is often associated with being a cool colour but with the addition of a pink or lilac tint it can really warm up the colour and help create a lovely cosy feeling in your rooms. Any professional painter or decorator will be able to help you choose a suitable base colour and mix the paint to bring added warmth.

Popular purple

Purple is one of the hottest colours at the moment and with so many rich and vibrant tones to choose from it is easy to see why. Deep, velvety purple is a decorators dream and will help create a truly sophisticated look in your home. Pair with dark wood furniture and deep, plush carpets for a contemporary and stylish look.

Deep green

Natural green colours are sure to be a hit in the year ahead and help to bring a touch of nature into your home. Dark shades of green work well in large well-lit rooms while for smaller rooms choose a lighter shade to help brighten it up. Whether you go for light or dark, make sure you base your selection on a green colour found in nature for a more grown-up look.

Mustard yellow

A great choice when used as an accent colour, mustard yellow is a powerful colour and one that can help add brightness to any room. From soft furnishings and furniture to accent walls and doors, the key to this colour palette is to use it sparingly to avoid it becoming too overwhelming. Less is definitely more when it comes to mustard.

Pewter grey

Want a stylish colour that looks great in any setting? Pewter grey can help to create a cosy room and it looks equally good when paired with modern furniture or antique fixtures. It is a great option for a feature wall and can also be used as an accent colour to bring a distinctly urban and cutting-edge feel to your décor. Will you be brave enough to try any of these paint schemes in your home this year?