Winter warmers – Home Décor Tips to Keep Your Home Toasty

If you’re looking to keep your home toasty and warm this winter without turning up the thermostat then these tips are for you. From a simple splash of colour to brighten up your rooms to the addition of rugs and curtains, in this blog we’ll look at some of the best ways to keep your home warm this winter without spending a fortune.

Add some rugs

There’s no doubt that hardwood, laminate and tile floors look amazing, but in the winter months, they can leave your home feeling cold. One of the easiest ways to warm up hard floors is to put down a rug, especially one which is thick and luxurious. Rugs are available in a huge amount of styles and patterns and can fit in with any home décor scheme.

Replace blinds with curtains

Blinds may look clean and modern but they are not as effective as curtains as keeping the warmth in your home. Curtains can work in addition to blinds and help insulate your home against draughty windows. You can also get thermal lined curtains which go that one step further in preventing heat loss and help keep your rooms warmer for longer.

Brighten up your walls

Using warm colours in your decorating can help to make a room seem cosier in the winter months. A good rule of thumb when decorating is to use the 80/20 rule in a room where 80% of the room uses a neutral colour while the remaining 20% uses a strong, warm colour. Keeping this to 20% will help stop a strong colour from feeling too overwhelming.

Cushions, blankets and throws

Leather sofas may look great but in the winter months, they can feel like a block of ice when you first sit down. Warm them up by placing a throw over the top and accessorise with plenty of cushions and blankets. Why turn the heating up when you can get snug and cosy under a blanket on the sofa.

Put up a shelf or two

If you’ve got big windows above your radiators then why not consider placing a shelf above your radiators. This will help hot air circulate around your room and minimise the amount of heat that is lost through your windows. Just make sure any curtains sit above the radiators.

Fill in holes

Whether you’ve got draughty windows or doors, sealing gaps can help stop your home from losing heat in the winter months and keep your home feeling toasty. Draught insulating tape can be used on windows and doors to fill in the gaps and stop unwanted cold air turning your home into a chiller.