Wooster JK Micro-Plush Short 5/16" Pile 4.5" 2Pk

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Wooster Jumbo Koter Micro-Plush short pile mini roller for a flawless paint finish. MicroPlush is a microfiber and polymer blended fabric with an exceptionally high paint absorbency and release. Short pile 5/16 Inch (8mm) is ideal for semi-rough to rough surfaces with all paints, glosses, varnishes, enamels, primers and epoxy adhesives. The Thermo-fusion process heat bonds the Micro-Plush fabric to the inner plastic core, this ensures the fabric does not detach from the core. Compatible with the Wooster Jumbo-Koter roller frames and Purdy Jumbo Roller Frame. Pack contains 2 rollers, dimensions 4.5 Inches wide. Medium pile roller with 5/16 Inch (8mm) pile (Nap) height.